Let's start with the glad news right away: We plan to regather for in person worship beginning May 17

Ministry will roll out in several phases as our city begins to reopen and the threat is farther behind us. Here are the details for Phase 1.

  • On May 17 we will open with 2 services at 9:00 and 10:45am! We will also be streaming Live on Facebook during these times for those more vulnerable.
  • We will be following the recommendations from our state and the CDC. This means we will ask you to keep a 6ft distance from other households in the pews, observe proper hygiene, and we will not be able to offer some of the "extras" right now.
  • In this phase we will not be able to offer Redemption Kids. Begin to disciple and prepare your kids for participating in worship with you. CHECK OUT these helpful tips as you embrace this discipleship opportunity. The service will be streamed into the foyer for those needing an exit.

Now that the glad news and details are out there, let me encourage your heart in the matter. I have been reading Romans 14 often as it has much to say to us as we re-enter into relationships and community that have been virtual for these last few months. As we regather, I want to call us all to charity, unity, and faith. We all are facing the pandemic with varying convictions and opinions and preferences about what is true and best. We are all seeking wisdom and clarity. We are all making decisions based on differing values. But what binds us together as a church- an uncommon community- is the grace that has been shown us in Jesus. That grace compels us to be gracious with one another. Charity assumes the best about one another's motives. Unity reminds us that we are all in this together, that my opinions are not more important than our solidarity. Faith teaches us that what we are gaining in Christ through this is better than what we have lost. Let as regather then exuding grace in abundance!

Pray for us as we seek wisdom for the days ahead.