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Blair Cushman

Lead Pastor | Elder

Twitter: @blaircushman

Blair grew up in a rural dairy farming community in Wisconsin and was saved at age 12 at summer camp. After completing his degree in pastoral ministry from Moody Bible Institute he worked at Winnetka Bible Church, started a summer camp program at Camp Eagle, founded a ministry with his wife called Hope Mommies, and was Associate Pastor and an elder at Kerrville Bible Church.

Blair is married to his best friend, Erin, and together they have four children, Gwendolyn (now with The Lord), Malacai, Gemma, and Savannah.

Blair is excited to be leading Redemption Bible Church and is constantly amazed by God's work in and through the church. He has committed his life to God’s Word and God’s people and loves when those two things come together and transformation happens.

As a Wisconsin native he bleeds Green and Gold (Go Pack Go) and roots for the Badgers. In his spare time he loves to be outside with his family enjoying the local waterways, on a bike seat pedaling out some hill country back roads, sipping craft coffee, building with legos, or exploring some lonely hills without any cell reception.

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Cade Hennessee

Pastor | Elder


Cade joined Redemption in the early days and was appointed a pastor | elder in January 2020. He loves to shepherd, lead, and teach God's people.

He is married to Cori and has 3 kiddos.

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Erick Welborn

Pastor | Elder


Erick and his family moved to Texas in 2018 and quickly joined Redemption. In fall 2020 he was appointed a pastor | elder and with his wife lead our Freedom Group ministry.

He is married to Terri  and has 4 kiddos.

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Erin Hasenberg

Church Admin


Erin manages the daily ministry of Redemption. She would love to help you get connected, answer questions, or make you a cup of coffee.

She is married to Hunter and they have two awesome mini Aussies.

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John Rhodes

Director of Worship + Production


John joined the staff at Redemption in March 2021 after 3 years of ministry in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and 3 years leading worship with Life Action Ministries.  He grew up in Alabama and is an Auburn fan.

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Ben Dowdy

Church Planting Resident


Ben joined Redemption in December 2020 to be trained as a church planter with the Great Commission Collective after 19 years in El Paso as a pastor. After completing a 10-12 month residency with Redemption he will be sent to plant a new church in central Texas.

He is married to Marcia and has 6 adult children.

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Michael Hawkins

Soul Care Resident


Michael joined the staff at Redemption in August 2021 and ministers in the areas of assimilation, small groups, and biblical counseling. Michael is completing his masters in biblical counseling from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary this fall.

Originally from Ingram, TX, he is married to Elizabeth and has three boys, Hudson, Tucker, and Willis.