Biblical Soul Care

Do you need help?

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Biblical Soul Care

Do you need help?

Everyone at various times have needed or will need counsel.

Are you struggling with an area of sin? Is someone else’s sin affecting you? Are you experiencing the consequences of foolish choices? Are you going through a life-altering trial? Or do you just need help and hope?

Our desire is to come alongside you during a time of trial.  Biblical Soul Care is built to lovingly care for and help carry the burdens of people (Galatians 6:1-2; James 1:2-5). The purpose of Soul Care is to engage the Body of Christ to walk and support one another by encouraging the involvement of advocates and your connection to a small group whenever possible. Most importantly you can expect to be ministered towards our ultimate hope, Jesus Christ.


What is biblical soul care?

Biblical Soul Care is more than a model of biblical counseling. It is intentional and intensive discipleship and deep, authentic fellowship. It is something we all should do at the level we are equipped. It is not a new idea. It is living out the “one another” commands in the Scriptures. It has been practiced since the early church (Acts 2) and happens in the context of biblical community.

While all good biblical counseling content is the same (if it is based on the authority and sufficiency of the Bible), how and where counseling happens differs. We believe the context is more about community than privacy. While we hold strongly to confidentiality and discretion, we believe in counseling in community. That can look like inviting friends into formal counseling, or doing informal counseling in a small group format. 

In other words, Biblical Soul Care is not just for pastors or biblical counselors but it is the privilege and responsibility of every believer. It can take many forms like mentoring, coaching, and advocacy. 



Adam Wilder

Adam is a Biblical Counselor at The Austin Stone Counseling Center. He provides counseling on Fridays in New Braunfels at our church office. For more information about Adam, or to schedule an appointment click below.

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